Creative Contest Rules

Creative Styling Rules: 2016

Contest Description:

• Grooming and styling competition utilizing creative sculpting, color application, character creation and design

• Groomers demonstrating quality grooming techniques

• Open to all contestants

Acceptable Breeds:

All pure breed and mixed breed dogs are permitted. NO live animals other than dogs are permitted for use as props or contest entries.

Time Frame:

All entries must be groomed prior to entering the competition area.

Products, Decorative Objects, Color, etc.

• All products, decorative objects, coat coloring and applications must be safe for the dog and the stylist

• Costumes and ornament applications to the dog must not hinder the dog’s ability to move, impair his/her ears, legs or tail

• Costumes and/or decorations must be easily removable for judge inspection • Glues should be water-soluble

• Coloring products, chalks and dyes must be pet safe

• Lifting of dog’s natural color is prohibited

• Use of duct tape, carpet tape or any other substance that pulls on the skin or hair to remove, is prohibited

• Large or heavy objects placed on the dog are prohibited

Competition Dog Preparation:

• Coats should be clean, dry and free of tangles

• Ears should be clean

• Toenails trimmed

• Sanitary area and pads may be trimmed

• Color may be pre-applied


Judging Considerations:

Technical Finish:

• Precision and sharpness of the clipper lines

• Quality of scissor finish

• Overall decorative application

• Overall color application, depth of color, separation of color and blending Profile:

• Design appearance

• Concept easily recognizable

• Intricacy balance o Is there enough design: Is there too much design; Is there enough color and decoration; Is there too much color and decoration Originality of design

• Original design

• Original concept for previously executed design

• Unique use of color, decorations or applications


• Percentage of design created during competition

• Degree of difficulty of color application prior too and during competition

• Overall amount of work completed during contest

Final Presentation:

• Not to exceed 6’x6’ space provided

• Tables provided must be protected from glitter, glue, color, etc.

• Maximum of 2 assistants may enter the arena for prop set up during the 10 minutes following scissors down.

• Products, decorations, styling of any form may NOT take place at this time Awards:

• Judging panel will choose first, second and third placements

Peoples Choice Award: 

• Peoples Choice Award is an award chosen by the audience and determined by a select group of judges other than the panel.

• This award is separate from the first, second and third place winners

• Contestants have a maximum of two minutes to present a skit, song, music, etc,.

• Award goes to the contestant who garners the most audience reaction with applause, etc.

• The Peoples Choice presentation will not be considered in the judges’ decision.

• Up to three persons may assist in the presentation on stage and three off stage.

• The presentation may engage the audience.

• Music must be given to the staff prior to contest start and must be cued up to start. Lights cannot be dimmed during performance.

• Smoke, confetti, streamers or explosive items are strictly prohibited as they will set off alarms, or incur cleaning charges. If in doubt, call Adam Lohr at Barkleigh Productions, Inc. for clearance.

• The winner of this award may be chosen by Barkleigh to grace the cover of Groomer to Groomer magazine • Seasonal and Holiday themes may not be appropriate for magazine cover, due to timing.


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